You have questions, we have answers. Take a look through the questions below to see if your question has been answered.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, we can further assist you with our online contact form or by calling Budee at (925) 953-2850.


[expand title=”What are your delivery hours?“]We deliver from 10AM-midnight, 365 days a year including holidays. There’s no cut-off time for same day delivery; Order at 11:59PM and receive your medication within the hour![/expand]

[expand title=”How long does delivery take?“]Deliveries complete within 1 hour. Please make sure that you are present at your delivery address when making your order.[/expand]

[expand title=”What is the latest time I can place an order?“]11:59PM[/expand]

[expand title=”What regions does Budee service?“]Budee services an ever-growing number of areas throughout California. For an up-to-date list, see our Service Areas.[/expand]

[expand title=”What deals do you currently have?“]We have a number of deals to ensure that you receive the best medications at a great price. See our deals page for further information.[/expand]

[expand title=”How is my personal information kept secure?“]Your privacy is important to us. Budee does not distribute your personal information (including name, address, or phone number) with anyone except those parties necessary to complete your order (i.e. dispatchers and delivery drivers). Additionally, Budee uses HIPAA compliant software to verify your recommendation number upon registration.[/expand]


[expand title=”What is the minimum amount for an order?“]We have a $35 minimum for delivery orders.[/expand]

[expand title=”I placed an online order, how will I be contacted?“]Budee with send you a text notification once your order is sent to your driver.[/expand]

[expand title=”How will I know when my driver arrives?“]Your driver will give you a call when they arrive. We will never knock unless we have spoken to the patient and received prior consent to do so.[/expand]

[expand title=”What documents do I need to place an order?“]You will need a valid California ID and a valid California medical marijuana recommendation.[/expand]

[expand title=”Does Budee accept out of state IDs?“]We do accept out of state IDs. However, you will be asked to submit proof of residency in California (i.e. lease, utility bill, etc.).[/expand]


[expand title=”Is there a fee for delivery?“]There is no fee for delivery.[/expand]

[expand title=”What payment types does Budee accept?“]We accept cash and all major credit cards. For cash payments, exact change is required as Budee drivers do not carry any cash. For debit/credit cards, patients may only use cards that are registered in their name.[/expand]

[expand title=”May I pay with another person’s card?“]For security purposes, we only accept debit/credit cards that have the patient’s name on them.[/expand]

Work with Buddy

[expand title=”Is Budee Hiring?“]We are always looking for great additions to our company. To apply, please send the following information to Contact@budee.org:

  • (1) A copy of your current resume
  • (2) We are looking for friendly faces; please send a photo of yourself! (a picture speaks a thousand words)


[expand title=”I am a vendor looking to work with Budee. What is the best way to contact your company?“]Interested vendors should send the following information to Contact@budee.org:   photos of your product, quantities, pricing, and the city in which you are located. Budee’s manager will reach out to you if the product is right for Budee.