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Cough Drop

By Kamatree
$35.001/8 oz
15.7% THC0% CBD

Cough Drop cannabis strain is a Sativa with a THC average of 15%. It will cause some coughs from its thick smoke, per its name. The bud has a citrus flavour that is both sweet and spicy, and has notes of pungent pine. The aroma is herbal wood and spicy citrus that lingers. Nugs are long with a few orange hairs and small, milky trichomes. Cough Drop can treat chronic pain, fatigue, nausea, depression, and stress. Not great for anxiety sufferers. Best for daytime usage. Cough Drop cannabis strain's offers a giggly sense of ecstasy that is so energizing and uplifting, it may cause anxiety or paranoia. Be careful with dosage and you'll be able to truly embrace this popular strain.