Vet CBD | 20:1 CBD:THC - 2 Oz

Vet CBD | 20:1 CBD:THC - 2 Oz

$792 oz
12.5 mg THC250 mg CBD
The most common reasons people use VETCBD are to help maintain calmness, support joint mobility, support normal brain function, help maintain normal GI health, and hospice care. THC is an important component of the “entourage effect” and has beneficial medical properties such as pain relief, nausea relief, appetite stimulation, and anti-inflammation. The amount of THC in our products have been carefully formulated by Dr. Tim Shu to provide optimal therapeutic benefits. *Please note, we recommend starting with our 20:1 formula first before trying our 10:1 formula. START LOW, AND GO SLOW. Dosing guidelines are provided on the packaging. The dose can be increased as needed in 0.25 ml increments to find the dose that provides the maximum benefits.