St. Ides

GMO 2 pack | Diamond Infused Blunts

47.21 % THC0.04 % CBD
$45for 1.6 g
GMO Cookies is a combination of GSC and Chemdog that creates this interesting Indica dominant hybrid. Its sweet, earthy aroma picks up classic scents of coffee and fruit. One hit and you'll feel your body slow down into a calm state of relaxation. Although the body high is nice it shouldn't put you to sleep. It's euphoric, uplifting high will keep you productive and social.  Perfect strain to bring you back to earth without knocking you out. ST IDES Diamond Infused Blunts use the same high-quality flower, filled into tobacco-free hemp blunt cones, now with over 30% THC. To reach this next level of potency we infuse our flower with pure 98 – 99% THCa crystals.
St Ides diamond-infused blunts are filled with high quality, potent flower and THCa crystals all rolled into a hemp-wrapped blunt.