St. Ides

After debuting in the late '80s, St Ides gained its bold reputation from multiple iconic partnerships with forefathers of the hip-hop community. After 3 decades, St Ides continues to push the envelope as a symbol of rebellion and those who help define it. St Ides is 100% all-natural and uses only the best quality, high potency flower. No stems. No seeds. No sticks. We only select optimal single strains for the most consistent smoking experience.
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St. Ides | Banana Pudding | Diamond Infused Joint
St. IdesBanana Pudding | Diamond Infused Joint
41.57 % THC0.2 % CBD
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$304/5 g
Banana Pudding is a cross between GSC and Banana OG. Like most sweet and earthy kushes, this strain will offer a profound body effect, however, it won’t be so stony that it keeps you from enjoying the company. Banana Pudding is the perfect strain for watching funny movies at the end of the day with loved ones. Be prepared to experience plenty of belly laughs as you slowly melt into the couch. The St Ides 40 is the strongest pre-roll in our portfolio. St Ides blends their very potent indoor flower with copious amounts of THCa crystals to reach levels of over 40% THC per joint. The St Ides 40 is filled into an organic hemp paper cone and sealed in a resealable glass tube for optimal freshness.