Ready To Roll 1/2oz | Sativa
Old Pal

Ready To Roll 1/2oz | Sativa

$751/2 oz
15.09 % THC0 % CBD
The Roll To Roll bag from Old Pal has got you set with a 1/2 ounce of pre-ground quality cannabis and everything you need to roll—custom Old Pal pure, unbleached hemp rolling papers and crutches—in a resealable pouch. So when you need a mellow, calming mini-vacation, you’re ready to roll. Sharing is encouraged. Weight: .5oz / 14g (approximately 28 .5g joints). When you want to feel upbeat, clear-headed, and stoked. Old Pal Sativa strains are great for daytime routine and activity. This flower is a bright addition to your day.